SAT & ACT Tutor Near Cambridge (Arlington, Somerville, Belmont & Lexington)

SAT & ACT prep in Aurora, Parker, EnglewoodCan you really study for these SAT ACT tests? Absolutely.

The SAT and ACT measure your skills as well as your knowledge of the test.  Consequently, you may be an avid reader and an articulate writer, but you may score poorly simply because you don’t know the test.  In other words, you need SAT prep and ACT prep.

Why do you need to do well on the SAT & the ACT?

These tests are an industry, yes, but you need to play along if you plan to go to college.  Your dream school will get thousands of applicants.  You want your score to be in the right range to be considered.

How can Private SAT & ACT Tutor Help?

We will analyze each section of the test and how to take it.  We will discuss and practice using specific strategies.  You will also be clear on what the test is really testing.  If you are struggling with ACT grammar, we will cover the conventions the ACT usually tests.  If your SAT vocabulary in context is weak, we will work to understand these questions.  My goal is that on test day you will be confident—both about what is on the test and in your ability to take it.

Test your SAT & ACT Smarts