English Tutoring Near Cambridge (Arlington, Somerville, Belmont & Lexington)

Hello and welcome!  My name is Lena Rabinovich, an English tutor with over ten years of experience.  I work with students of all levels (K-12, college, and professionals) in Cambridge, Arlington, Somerville, Belmont, and Lexington in Massachusetts.

Whether you have a child struggling with reading and writing at school, you are a college student in need of a writing coach, or you are an adult for whom English is a second language, I will help you achieve your language goals. Below is a list of subjects I help my students master.

Reading Tutoring:  fluency, comprehension, and analysis of fiction and nonfiction; SSAT & ISEE reading and vocabulary test prep.

Writing Tutoring: paragraph structure (topic sentences, transitions, effective evidence, explanations, conclusions), persuasive, expository, and creative writing.

Grammar Tutoring: commas, apostrophes, sentence types, run-ons, subject-verb agreement, clear pronoun references, parts of speech, parallel structure, etc.

Dyslexia/Learning Disabilities Tutoring:  breaking sentences into parts (subjects, verbs, prepositional phrases, etc), picturing the events in a story, supporting interpretations with textual evidence.

Enrichment Tutoring: reading and discussing thought-provoking texts, writing formal and creative responses to literature, grammar instruction.

College Prep: SAT & ACT tutoring, college application essays.

ESL Tutoring: pronunciation & speaking, reading & writing, vocabulary & grammar.

About Experienced English Tutor

Just as a doctor learns about his patient’s symptoms, identifies the underlying problem, and treats it, I do the same.  I will get to know you—your strengths and weaknesses— and design a course of study that fits your needs.  I am a middle school teacher with over nine years of experience.  Having stood in front of a classroom of 30, I understand the difficulty a teacher faces when trying to engage every child in the room.  Oftentimes, the weak students are frustrated and confused while the advanced are bored.  One-on-one tutoring allows me to help you in a way that works for you.  Whether it’s interpreting literature or getting to the place where you don’t want to die every time you have to write an essay, I can help you.

Boston Tutoring Service for Students in the Following Areas:

Cambridge, Arlington, Somerville, Belmont, and Lexington


  • I am located in Cambridge, near Porter Square, in the zip code 02140.
  • I generally tutor from a library or coffee shop near my home or remotely via Google Hangouts.
  • I sometimes travel to a student’s home; I do charge more for this service.