English Tutoring for Gifted & Talented Students

Does your student feel bored in his or her English class?  Do you feel that her reading and writing skills are not improving though she continues to earn A’s?  Perhaps you want her to read and analyze sophisticated literature that is not in the school curriculum?  Maybe you would like for her to learn to write logical and articulate essays?

How Can Experienced English Tutor Help?

I provide enrichment English tutoring for gifted & talented students who would like to learn beyond the level of their peers. In working with advanced students, I review their strengths and weaknesses and design a program of study that will benefit each person best.  Here are some ways in which I work with gifted students:

  • Study rich, thought-provoking literature such as To Kill a Mockingbird, Lord of the Flies, Tangerine, Wonder, House on Mango Street, The Giver, The Call of the Wild, Fahrenheit 451, Tom Sawyer, The Pearl, and others.
  • Discuss important passages and themes; relate literature to our lives and our world.
  • Have students design their own writing prompts, whether creative or formal.  Guide them in structuring, writing, and polishing these pieces.
  • During revision, focus on development of ideas, rich descriptions, and clear, crisp prose.
  • Fill gaps in grammar knowledge.
  • Study vocabulary from novels and/or vocabulary books.  I generally use the Wordly Wise series.

Why isn’t a Mainstream Classroom Enough for My Gifted & Talented Student?

Did you know?
Plato’s Academy is one of the first known schools.  Founded about 400 years before common era, the school had no curriculum; instead, the students discussed questions having to do with philosophy and mathematics.

Most teachers design their lessons with the average student in mind.  As a result, the weaker students are confused and the talented students are bored.  Hence, just because a student gets A’s, does not mean he is learning.  It may be that he is simply not being challenged.  Furthermore, when a teacher has 130 papers to critique, she is not able to provide a thorough review of each student’s essay.

One-on-one tutoring offers an avenue in which a gifted student can continue to develop his reading and thinking skills.  In particular, spending one-on-one time with a teacher while editing and polishing an essay is invaluable.  Writing is a skill that we use no matter where life takes us; a number of my students have commented on how much our lessons have helped them successfully complete writing tasks in all of their courses.

Creative Strategies for Teaching Gifted Students in Elementary and Middle School