English Tutoring for Students with Dyslexia & Other Learning Disabilities

Seeing your child try and fail over and over again is very frustrating and upsetting, especially when you know that your child is intelligent.  It is particularly frightening when your child seems to lack basic reading and writing skills.  Experienced English Tutor offers the best way to work with dyslexic students and students with learning disabilities: one-on-one tutoring.

How Can Experienced English Tutor Help?

During our time together, I will get to know your child, learn about his particular learning or reading difference, and structure lessons aimed to resolve his challenges.  Here are some strategies I use to help students with learning disabilities:

  • Offer reading help; guide students in picturing the events in a story so they learn to see a “movie” as they read.
  • Provide focused grammar instruction. For example, if I notice a student struggling with subject-verb agreement, I teach the concept and have him proofread his writing with this new knowledge in mind.
  • Work on composing basic sentences where the verb follows the subject; review and teach different conjunctions.
  • Teach the writing process.  This is helpful for everyone and particularly for dyslexic students.
  • Create visuals to organize ideas: Venn Diagrams, outlines, story maps, etc.
  • Exercise patience and offer lots of praise for progress, no matter how small.
  • Stay in contact with the student’s teacher to collaborate and meet his needs best.
Did you know?
People who read fiction are better able to sympathize with and understand others according to a University of Toronto study.

Why isn’t my Student Successful in a Regular Classroom?

When a teacher has a classroom of 30 or more students, it is almost impossible for her to teach each one of them.  Children with learning disabilities often fall by the wayside because they need a lot of personal attention, thorough explanations, and an environment that lacks distractions.  Given the nature of most classrooms, these conditions are often not met.

I will find the approach that works for your child and give him the skills and confidence to be more successful in the mainstream classroom.

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