College Application Essay Tutoring near Cambridge (Arlington, Somerville, Belmont & Lexington)

College Application Essay Tutoring near Centennial (Aurora, Parker, Greenwood Village)When I imagine a college admissions officer, I see a guy hunched over a desk piled with envelopes and papers.  It’s early evening and time to get home, eat dinner, watch some TV… But there are still scores to look at, essays to read, and decisions to make.  Is it really possible to get to this guy?  I believe it is.

From your entire application packet, your essay is the one thing that is completely under your control.  Everyone has a story.  And it doesn’t have to involve helping children in Africa or becoming president of your senior class.  You have a story because there is something in your life that was big.  And your story is unique from all other stories because YOU are unique.  Your job is to recognize this story and to write it honestly and clearly.  Can such a story make an impression on the above-described admissions officer? Yes.

How Can Private English Tutoring Help?

During a series of one-on-one meetings, I will help you discover a story in your life.  I will then guide you in revising your draft so that it successfully conveys who you are.  When satisfied with the content, I will also help you to polish the grammar.

Your college application is essentially made up of numbers—your test scores, your GPA.  Your essay is the one place where you can truly shine as an individual.  Make it happen.

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