What it Means to be a Princess

By Sri L., 3rd Grade

June 2015

What person is the kindest person on the planet? Which person should rule the world and be your friend? Which person never cries regardless of how rich or poor they are? Let’s say a little princess named Sara. Sara is a character from Frances Hodgson Burnett’s novel called A Little Princess. Sara is an admirable character who is imaginative, kind, and strong.

Sara is extremely imaginative in the way she transforms any situation into a good one. When Sara goes from riches to rags, she moves into the attic where she tries to make friends with a rat. “Prisoners in Bastille made friends with rats. Suppose I make friends with you” (109). She thinks that she can make friends with a rat who she named Melhisedek. Sara is also thinking that the attic is a prison and that she is a prisoner. Though the prison is really an attic she transforms it in her mind to be Bastille.

Sara is also very kind in a way that she gives away her own things to those in need. She happens to see a poor girl crouched up in front of a baker woman’s shop. The poor girl is cold, hungry, and is a beggar child. So Sara  feels extremely sorry for the poor girl and decides to help. “She is hungrier than I am”(158). She gives away 5 out of 6 buns to a hungry beggar child who has a voice that was hoarse.  Sara is hungry enough to eat all 6 buns that the baker woman gives for a four pence, but still Sara gives away 5 buns. Sara is kind because kindness means giving away things for free when someone else asks, and she doesn’t  think about herself.

Sara still has so many other talents, but the most important thing about her is her strength not to complain. After Sara’s father dies and leaves her penniless, Sara is made to run errands for the cook, teach the little ones their lessons, and do everything Miss Minchin tells her to do. Even though Sara has to do all these jobs and goes to bed at 10:00 or even at midnight , she still tries not to complain. “‘Soldiers don’t complain,’ she would say between her small shut teeth.  ‘I am not going to do it; I will pretend this is part of a war’”(93). Her strength is to not complain, and that is especially true when she is treated so badly by the evil, terrible headmistress. Miss Minchin knows that Sara was only half fed and makes sure that Sara runs errands for the cook and does everything the teacher assistants tell her to do. Sara is used to being rich, but she has to be strong when people boss her around.

Clearly, Sara is generous, imaginative, and firm. Would you be able to be kind even when you are in danger?

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