The War that Taught Ada to Love

By Shiva K., 6th Grade

August 2018

In the book The War That Saved My Life by Kimberly Brubaker Bradley, Ada learns how to love with the help of Susan. For Christmas Susan gives a beautiful dress to Ada, and she starts to hear her mother’s words in her mind. The words were, you are filthy, rubbish, and disgusting. Ada starts to have a panic attack, and she starts yelling. This example proves that she doesn’t know how to love because she is not used to having people giving her gifts. Susan made the dress for Ada because she cares for Ada, but Ada doesn’t know how to accept this gift. Ada’s mother is so cruel, so that’s why Ada has a hard time accepting love. However, toward the end of the story Ada changes. In the wartime Ada starts to have love because she was helping the soldiers and caring for them. When English soldiers came from 4 ships, Ada went to the pub and saw soldiers with blood and sweat, so Ada gave them water. After some time a girl named Daisy came and got buckets of water so that Ada can give out drinks. She ruined her favorite dress that Susan gave for Christmas. This example demonstrates that Ada learns to love because she helps soldiers by giving them water. Ada gives up her own comfort in order to save others from the war. Just as Ada learns to accept Susan’s love, she gives love to others. This book teaches its readers that you can grow and change with the help of your friends.