By Prathik M., 4rd Grade

November 2017

In a school called Moore Elementary school there was a boy called Alex. Alex was a nice boy but turned into a bad boy because his teacher said to rappel down the mountain of trust because he was talking when the teacher was talking.

Alex felt angry, and it made him feel hungry. When recess was over, his stomach was growling like a gorilla screaming.

The teachers blew the whistle, and he was running like a cheetah to be the first person in line. He was shocked that there were 15 people ahead of him, so he turned into a bulldozer, and he crushed everybody in front of him.

“Ouch,” Ryan yelled “help!”  

“Alex, you bully, wait your turn,” said Mike.

“Alex you stop that right now! If you do that again, you are going to the principal,” said Ms. Seth.

Alex thought, No I am not going to stop because I’m hungry. He grabbed the biggest slice of pizza before anybody else could get that one, so Alex went to the principal. Alex was walking down the hall angry like a bull, and his hands clenched into fists. When he saw Olivia drinking at the water fountain, Alex pulled her hair and said, “It’s my turn” and suddenly Ms. Seth appeared and led him to the office. Ms. Seth grabbed him by the shirt and threw him at the wooden desk in front of Mr. Black, and he woke, and he said, “ what did you do?”

Alex said, “Just borrowed a pencil and forgot to return it.”

The principal said,”Is that all?” and he stared at Alex for a few minutes.

Mr. Black called Alex’s parents and when Alex’s parents showed up, Ms. Seth came and said,” How many bad things are you going to do? You did 40 bad things this year!”

Ms.Seth walked away, and Mr. Black saw the videotape and he said, “ You liar.” Mr. Black said, “ let me tell you a story.Once upon a time my father was cutting people, and one time he was late for work, and he didn’t have time for waiting, so he rushed like a football player, but he fell and broke his leg.” Black said, “ you don’t want fall do you?” He said, “ you can go back to the lunch line. “

Alex was half and half. He asked himself should I cut people and risk falling, or should I wait? And he said nope I’m not cutting. Alex made some new friends because he wasn’t cutting.

The lesson is not to cut anybody and wait for your turn.