The Power of Storytelling

By Irene Y., 4th Grade

May 2018

In Number the Stars by Lois Lowry the theme is that stories help people be brave and survive in difficult time. For example, Uncle Henrik tells Annemarie and Kirsti that their Great Aunt Birte is dead. Then at the funeral some Jews are pretending to act very sad. Soon the Nazis come and order mama to open the casket. She convinces the Nazi to not open the casket, by telling them that Great Aunt Birte died from typhus, a very contagious disease. This example proves that stories help people be brave and survive. The example proves the theme because Birte is a story, just like  her death and disease. This fake Aunt Birte helps the Jews escape because it makes the soldiers to not suspect them as Jews.  A second example is when Annmarie is delivering a package to Uncle Henrik. She is doing this very early in the morning, so the forest is very dark. Annemarie is scared because soldiers could ambush her, which does happen. Annmarie tells herself the Little Red Riding Hood story because she could remind herself of happier times, so she could be brave. This fairy tale is related to what Annemarie is doing, traveling through the woods being hunted down by someone. This second example proves that people can also be brave by just telling themselves stories. It supports the theme because Annemarie kept on moving forward even though she was frightened. The story distracts her from the danger to happier times. She is imagining when she told Kirsti the fairy tail and also the fairy tail itself, and this helps her be brave. Even though stories are a fantasy, Lois Lowry teaches us that a story can change our outlook on our lives.