The More Things Change, the More They Stay the Same

By Eric Z., 6th Grade

March 2019

As time passes do you think that humanity has changed or have they stayed the same? Do you think humans have become weaker or stronger, since the time of the cavemen? Have they become dumber or smarter since the olden days? Holes by Louis Sachar covers three distinct periods of time. In the book, as time passes, people become less racist, but what remains the same is that they are still cursed for their wrong doings.

As time passes things change like how the people become less racist, as shown in the stories of Kate Barlow and Stanley Yelnats. When a black onion farmer, Sam, falls in love with a white woman, Kate Barlow, the town is angry. The Sheriff tells Kate that “it’s against the law for a Negro to kiss a white woman.” This statement demonstrates that the town is racist because they tried to hang a man for kissing Kate Barlow, a white woman. 110 years later, not as many people are racist anymore. We know this because in Camp Green Lake, Stanley, a white kid, is friends with a black kid named Zero. Zero is friends with Stanley because Stanley carries Zero up a mountain and also teaches him to write and read. Stanley cares about Zero so much, that he followed him into the desert to make sure he survives. The friendship between the two boys proves there is no more racism because Stanley has done many nice and good things to Zero, who is black.

As time passes some things remain the same such as the fact that people are cursed when they are bad, as shown in Elya Yelnats’ story and Kate Barlow’s story. After Madame Zeroni helps Elya compete with the farmer, Elya forgets to bring Madame Zeroni up the hill so he can sing to her and let her drink from the springs. Consequently, him and all of his descendants were cursed to be unlucky. This statement demonstrates that people get cursed while being bad because Elya promised to bring Madame Zeroni up the mountain, and now Stanley and his family are cursed. In a different time and place, a whole town of people got cursed. This happened when the townspeople killed Sam, a black man, because he kissed Kate Barlow, a white woman. Then God caused a drought and the entire town died off because they had no water. Just like in Elya Yelnats’ story bad people get cursed for their wrongdoing.

In conclusion, the stories of Kate and Elya demonstrate that as time goes by, humanity does become better because it is now less racist. However, things that stay the same are how people are punished for being horrible. This book shows that if people are racist and break promises they have to face consequences.