Spanish to English

By Bryan C., 11th Grade

August 2018

When I went to middle school for my first day, I didn’t know any English and I wanted to learn. My class was small; it only had 10 students who also didn’t know any English. Ms. Marquez was my English teacher who helped me through all middle school. At first I thought she would be a nice old lady that wouldn’t be mad so easy, but soon I would be wrong.

First day wasn’t that much, she told us what we will be doing the next months as we only learned English than other subjects in her class. Next day she gave everyone a small book and an audio. I obviously didn’t understand what was it saying but only one word, but that would change later. Ms. Marquez gave us many books to read, and she told us if we had questions like how to pronounce words or what they mean. She didn’t like when we talked in loud voice, or when we were laughing at something.

When she got mad, she sometimes took a group to the office, or put us outside the classroom and do the work there. She was also kind; she sometimes gave us candy when we were good or a small break of class. She was also very demanding; she gave us lots of homework, and English books. And lastly, she also pushed us, one time she signed everyone for a science project, which it was optional if you wanted to join or not, but she signed everyone without our permission. That’s one time I really got mad about, as I didn’t like science that much. I think it was sometimes worthy and many times useless; at least I got a reward in 3rd place.

It was 7th grade, and it was our last year with her. We had learned a lot of English enough to hold a conversation, and our class was not focusing on English now. It was focusing in other subjects. When my 7th grade was over, I finally understood the very first book that she gave us in the first days of school.

Now at 8th grade we didn’t have her, and most of my friends who were with me learning English moved to another school. Only few of us were here, and then later I would be the last student that she taught in that class. I would have asked help to Ms. Marquez if I didn’t understand something when I was in other classes. And at the end when it was graduation for 8th grade, she was there proudly, and made a change on my life forever.