Shiloh’s Story

By Shiva K., 4th Grade

May 2017

I am playing with my brothers and my sisters. They are jumping on me while they are barking. And Judd comes trying to get me, but I bite him. He snatches me and says, “I want this dog please.” “35 bucks,” says the man.

And then Judd treated me really bad, and he kicked me because I missed every day of going hunting, and he didn’t give me any food to eat. Judd’s place is bad with cut chairs and tables. It has dust on the floor. I had to clean the dust by myself. Judd had other dogs that are mean to me. I didn’t have any friends to play with me.

I sneak out at night because Judd didn’t give me any food to eat. Then I went to Old Shiloh School  House, and I found dog food that someone left. I ate supper fast because I didn’t have any food from Judd. I stayed there for 4 weeks.

One day I saw a boy who was nice, and his name was Marty. I thought of being Marty’s owner. Marty made me a shelter to live in. Marty sneaked at night, and he gave me food to eat. I played with Marty on the hill with happiness and joy. Me and Marty are playing in the grass, and I saw grass all around me. Marty will catch me, and I will bite him but not too hard. I was running fast, and the wind past by. Marty was chasing me, and I  was faster. Marty loves me it makes him happy because Judd is not around. I was running with my tongue open and my tail wagging.

I learned that life is sometimes difficult and hard.  But you can change your life by going somewhere else.