Ryan’s Epic Growing Up Trip

By Ryan Z., 6th Grade

May 2016

As I descended the mountain, I was scared of falling down. It was so narrow, so steep, and had so many big rocks. I pictured myself tripping and falling to my death, imagining my parents screeching from the terrifying blood coming out of my face. Distracted by imagining these horrors, I tripped, but due to my extreme luck every day, I didn’t get a scratch.

Before I went on this crazy hike, I was actually scared that I wouldn’t survive the trip. I first learned about this adventure while I was listening to  my teacher speak during homeroom.

“We will go on a trip to High Trails. You will be there for 2 ½ days. Here are the permission forms. This will be $60.” I was shocked and scared; I thought of just hiding in the house.

When the day arrived, I was ready, but my mind wasn’t. I had all the clothes, shoes, hats, pants, other things, and 2 flashlights, but I was frightened. I really just wanted to stay home.

The bus ride was 2 hours long. I didn’t even sleep because I was thinking about what could happen, like getting attacked by a bear in the wilderness.

After the bus ride was over, I went to my cabin. I was assigned a specific cabin with specific people. I got a good bed, but then someone said, “That’s mine.” Due to my over-generosity, I let him take it. I went on and on. “That’s mine, that’s mine!” every boy said. Eventually, I got the one in the corner and the locker in the corner.

On our first hike I was scared of the cold and falling off the mountain. In reality, it was cold, but not as cold as I thought. The mountains were tall, but I was safe.

My concerns went down after this hike until it was finally the night. I didn’t sleep well because I kept thinking about things that could happen. I imagined that someone snuck in stacks of snacks and a bunch of bears smelled the stack of snacks and the bunch of bears got in and ripped apart people as they tried to get to the stack of snacks. As I woke up in the morning, all my fears were carried away by sunlight.

We went up to the food cabin, and we served the meals for that breakfast.

I raced with someone to see who was faster at serving. A loaf of bread fell off the plate, and we burst out laughing, but a humongous lady stomped toward us.

“Did another pupil drop another piece of food? If this ever, and I mean EVER, happens again, you WILL clean ALL my dishes,” she screeched at us.

“I-I-I-I’m sorry, ma’am. It will never happen again,” I said.

“ It better not…” she creepily mumbled. After that, we sneakily walk-raced from there. We didn’t want that lady at us again.

I forgot about how scary this field trip was, and I had a very good time hiking. We hiked many more mountains, played games like chess and many other fun games, and I was less scared every second. The fun was taking the place of the fear. Until this happened. On the way down from the mountain on hike number 8, I tripped. The rock stood in the perfect spot, and it made me trip. As scared as a fly getting swatted at, I closed my eyes. Luckily, no one noticed, and I didn’t get hurt. I felt good that I survived, and I was way more confident. I slept like a bear that night.

“It’s 5:55,” said someone.

I woke up and noticed that it was almost over. The last hike was big, but it wasn’t scary. We finished and went on home.

After this trip, I was less scared of going to places with tall heights. This field trip changed me so I could be less worried when going on overnight  trips.  I learned that I could go on overnight trips without dying. I knew I could grab dishes for girls, sleep overnight in cabins, hike cold hikes and most importantly, laugh at myself when I did make a mistake.

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