What is it with Penguins and Polar Bears?

By Irene Y., 4th Grade

March 2018

Mr. Popper awoke by his room being filled up with light. He peeked so very slowly out of his window to see a white, shining sensation right in front of his own very eyes. He thought it was just an iceberg as usual, but as the ship got closer, he noticed it was gigantic and started to panic. He rushed outside.

“Admiral Drake!!!” Mr. Popper said, ”Why are you driving straight toward that iceberg?!”

Admiral Drake laughed happily. “Young man, we are at our very own destination! Welcome to the North Pole!!!”

The penguins woke to such a cold temperature and loved it (they were also woken by all the ruckus).  They wadeled out and squawked “Ork!” in unison. How happy they seemed when they saw the glimmering iceberg.  But not Captain Cook, he was exploding with excitement because he felt so at home. He felt as if it has been years since he was in such climate. His excitement was unbearable, so he dove into the cold sea and started swimming towards the North Pole like an Olympic swimmer.

As Admiral Drake guided Mr.Popper, Mr. Popper let the penguins run freely and explore. They all stayed together. They soon encountered two fluffy, white creatures. The polar bears and penguins stumbled around each other, and soon they started playing. They slid down a hill of ice, and the penguins crashed into the polar bears until there was a mountain that was only made out of polar bear and penguins!

All of a sudden, they heard a loud rumble, then a roar. It did not sound very friendly. A white polar bear came running towards the penguins. It had a small, little, black nose, but the rest was pearl white.. The penguins knew the sign that they should start running, but they couldn’t! So instead they formed a ball and rolled down the hill.

As they went back to the boat, they tried to make a plan to play with the polar bears secretly to not get in trouble. The penguins did this because they loved the polar bears and made a bond with the new species. They didn’t try to even communicate the very first time because they thought playing would make a stronger bond than trying to have a conversation.

Then they made up their minds. They waddled out slowly into the sunshine, and waddled back towards the place where the polar bears were. They came across the mama bear, and started a conference.

They pushed at each other until one would push forward (just like how Mr. Popper explained about catching fish).

Then Greta spoke calmly, “We’re very responsible because penguins are very intelligent.”

“Well… What makes you so sure that all penguins are intelligent?” questioned Mama Bear.

“Well, we performed in multiple shows when we lived in civilization!” spoke Greta.

Mama bear countered, “How do you know that just performing on stages makes you so responsible, and you lived in civilization, so how do you know our ways?”

 Just then one of the babies slid out and cracked the ice! The baby fell into the water, and not knowing how to swim was a problem. Greta jumped in and swam towards the baby and picked it up. But Greta didn’t know how to swim very well since she had always lived in Stillwater. So now Captain Cook jumped in and threw them all up onto the surface! Mama Bear was relieved and impressed and granted permission.

She nodded her head in a sassy way and said impressively, “I give you my gratitude for saving my baby,.”

Captain Cook said, “ Now shall we play with the babies?”

“Of course!” said Mama Bear.

In the end, polar bears and penguins became the best of friends.