My World

By Danny V., 10th Grade

September 2015

My House

The house I live in is a house of change. From people who get home at whatever time to the constant changing of colors for the house from white to green. The color of the inside of the house changes from white to yellow and then red, and then yellow and red. Nothing lasts forever in the Valdivieso house. From going to a clean to a messy house in a matter of seconds. It always feels like home to me. A house that surprises about how much stuff one closet can hold. A house that also brings a perfect game of hide-and-seek. To see a house that ages with the people that live in it. It’s a house that stands out and says, “the Valdiviesos live in this household”. If the temperature in the house changes or new bed sheets every two weeks, the Valdivieso house is a house of change.

My Dream House

I don’t wish for a big house, neither do I wish for a small house. I wish for a house that a family would call home. I don’t wish for a big screen tv, but it would be nice to have. I wish for a house with plenty of space, but not a house with too much space. I wish for a house where my kids feel relaxed, but not lazy because this future house won’t tolerate lazy behavior. I don’t wish for a house that has a front yard or backyard. I don’t wish for a house with many prized possessions.  A dream house shouldn’t have all the things you wish for. A dream house should have the possessions of love, laughter, and bonding.

Danny Valdivieso

Dannyeee. That’s the name my old Bible teacher gave me. Doctor Danny, the name my fellow classmates gave for the week of medicine in Tech Foundation. #urwelcomedanny is the hashtag on social media that people gave to represent me. Danny was the gift my parents gave me. Danny means God is my judge. According to Urban Dictionary Danny means funny, cute, unique, impressive, and huggable. Danny sets his goals for success. Danny sets to make his parents proud. Danny sets to be great. Little do you know  that my name was in a famous playwright’s play. “What’s in a name? That which we call a rose by the name of Danny would smell sweeter than any other name.” Daniel is the name that I don’t want to hear at home. Might as well just pack a week’s worth of clothes and start running. Danny is by far the sweetest name any parent could give to his child.


“Go Diego Go” that’s what he said to everyone. Go Diego Go to college to major in chemistry. Go Diego Go around the world to Japan and show off your kadoma. Go Diego Go before the cops catch us for going fifteen miles over the speed limit. Oh Diego Oh the light rail just passed. How are we going to get home? Oh Diego Oh did you tell Mom we are at home? No? I’ll start packing the bag, and you go get gas for the car real quick. Oh Diego Oh the Flores are coming, have fun entertaining Gustavo. Oh Diego Oh why do you have to go to college soon? Next time bring me in the suitcase.     

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