My Husky

By Geonjin Y., 5th Grade

March 2017

One day at my father’s store, I was sitting down as if there was nothing to do in the world.  I groaned,”When do we go back home?”  My mom quickly responded with a quick shush.  I sat back down with a loud thump.  “Mom, when are you done organizing paychecks?” I asked.  

“Umm… One hour?” she replied with an extremely monotone voice.  Then I humphed and started to explore the shop which I’ve done over a hundred times.  This dollar store had been owned by my family for years. I turned and ran into an aisle that had a clearance sign on it, and then I saw it, a line of husky stuffed animals.  I grabbed one, its plastic eyes were crooked, but they were a calm and understanding shade of brown, just staring and staring as if it had an immense amount of knowledge. I snatched it quickly and ran to my father.  “Dad! Dad! Can I have this dog, please?” I said, panting.  

“You can have it if your mom says you can, all right?” he responded.  Then I kept on running as if I were Sonic the Hedgehog. When I found my mom, I just showed her the dog because I was too tired to speak.  She gave a simple nod.  That filled me up with so much happiness and victory that I ran to the other side of the store to show my new friend to my tiny sister.

That day I had the best dreams in my life. I was in a arctic region of some sorts as a snowman.  I was not lonely, for I had groups and groups of sled dogs and penguins.  Then it started to snow lightly.  I was filled with awe, but at that exact time all the animals wanted me to ride a candy cane.  I climbed on and then the candy cane started to rumble, and a blueish fire erupted out of the end.  The cane climbed in altitude until we were in space.  Each tiny star seemed to be small, but a lively spark of life.  I could have stayed there cuddling with the creatures and gazing at the stars if my mom hadn’t woken me up.  I awoke thinking that it was another day at school, and that meant more recesses without friends, but this time I had my husky.

On those days when I was lonely and had no friends, I looked at my husky and he comforted me with a warm and understanding gaze.  At times when I had to walk around the playground at recess because I was lonely, I thought, “How does my husky stay calm and understand?” I realized that even though other kids prefered other, more perfect stuffed animals over him, he knew that he would find a friend at some point.  I was satisfied by this answer, so I started to try to interact with others and see what happens.  Even if I got discouraged when others refused to be my friend, I kept on trying.  Just like my friend husky that kept on persisting, I too tryed and tryed to find a friend.  The first few times failed to get me friends, but then I started to find people like me, with their, silly imagination, bold personality, and some laziness.  And now I have more friends than I’ve ever wanted, but I know that nobody can replace my husky, Scout, as my best friend for life.  So when life pushes you down, lay there and look at the clouds, for they make slow progress in the sky and so can you!