My Adventure

By Joel B, 8th Grade

March 2019

I looked at the door and got my brain ready. This would be the first time that I would leave this door and go to Baker school. I had my new backpack, my new pencil case, my new clothes, all on me. With my new things, living in my new house, going to a new school, having new friends, it was one of the scariest things I had ever experienced. That everything was new. Well, except my family. My dad, sister and I all got into the car and drove the short drive to the school. Then, I started my adventure.

Several months ago, when I was in third grade, my parents told me something that was pretty surprising to me. They told me that we were moving. I tried my hardest to convince my parents to not move, but I had no success. The next day when I went to school the first thing I did was tell all of my friends. As I told my friends about it I didn’t realize how aggressive I was being until my friend told me to calm down. I have to admit, I was really scared of moving. I kept on being friends with everybody all the way until the end of the year when I left. Then, I was sad to have to leave them. Through the goodbye’s I finally went home.

My new house was pretty nice and I really liked it. But, there was no one for me to hang out with or anyone for me to play with. I did not know anyone who lived close to me so I did not go outside much. But as I got ready for the school year I was actually really excited to go because I would finally have friends to hang out with once I met them at my new school.

My dad and I walked through the school to find the right classroom. After a little bit we found the room. As I walked inside I saw a couple of groups of fellow fourth graders talking about their summers. I had never seen any of them before in my life. I walked over to a group of boys who were talking about Minecraft. I played Minecraft myself so I knew we had something in common. At first I sort of just stood there next to them listening in on what they were talking about.

“Hi!” one of them said to me, “are you new this year?”

“Yeah,” I responded.

“What’s your name?” another one asked.


“My name is Matthew.”

“Mine is Timmy.”

“Mine is Michael.”

“Do you guys play Minecraft?” I asked.

“Yeah, we were just talking about what we did yesterday,” Timmy replied.

“Do you play?” Michael questioned.


After that we talked for a while about Minecraft, and I got to properly introduce myself and tell them about my interests.

Then came time for lunch. I did not really know where to sit but luckily when I went inside Michael said that I could sit with them. We talked about many different things but mainly we talked about Minecraft.

After a while I learned a bit about these kids. They had all been going to Baker since kindergarten and they all been friends since then. The problem was that, at home, I was still really bored. I was not friends with them for a while. Then came the day which changed my perspective.

A couple of weeks later as I came to school, everything was going completely normal. Around halfway through the day Matthew came up to me and said: “Do you want to come to my birthday party?”

“Um, yeah, of course, I would love too.”

“Ok, my mom is going to email your mom.”

At first I was completely taken aback. I thought that I barely knew him but apparently I was good enough friends with him to be invited to his birthday party. After that when I was thinking about it I realized that I had found my friends here and that I was finally all set.

There are a couple of things that I took away from this part of my life. The first is the physical thing, which were my new friends. I now have much more and much better friends than I had at my old school. Then, there is the mental part. I now know that when there is a big change in our life you can come out even better than before. Even if you thought that everything was already great.