Keller’s Macho Arrogance

By Sanvitha V., 6th Grade

March 2018

Keller is one of the protagonists of William Gibson’s play The Miracle Worker. His defining character trait is being arrogant. The definition of arrogant is having or revealing an exaggerated sense of one’s own importance or abilities. As soon as Annie comes to the Keller’s house to help Helen, Keller tells Annie that he can take the suitcase, but she refuses. Keller then says, “Not at all, I have it, Miss Sullivan.” This example demonstrates Keller’s arrogance because he acts tough and makes it seem like everyone needs his help. Annie can take the suitcase by herself, but Keller wants to show that he is important. When Helen locks Annie in a room, Keller climbs ups a ladder to carry her down. Keller then says, “I intend to carry you. Climb onto my shoulder and hold tight.” This situation exhibits arrogance because Keller wants to prove that he can carry Annie. Even though Annie can climb down by herself, Keller thinks he is the strongest man that Annie has ever seen. Since Keller is arrogant, there is conflict between Keller and other characters. Keller and Annie constantly fight because they both want to prove that they are important.