Julian’s  Summer (extension of Wonder)

By Karthikeya K., 4th Grade

October 2015


I wish that orc (Auggie) never came to Beecher Prep. He ruined my life. I can’t believe I had to leave school just because of the zombie kid. It is Saturday. I am now living in my grandpa’s house in Boulder, Colorado, just for the summer. Life is very boring here. There is barely any kids my age down the street to hang out with, and I have been to the Rocky Mountains a million times.This was so far, the worst summer  in the history of my life.

One morning, I was laying down on the couch when suddenly my grandpa came into the room and said to me, “Get in the car. I will take you to my to my office.” I got in the car as fast as lightning, hoping something fun would  happen.

In the middle of the car ride, I asked, “How long is it going to take until we get there?”

It was taking forever.  My legs were stiff for a while now.

Grandpa answered,  “Just a few minutes, hang on.” I thought I was going to be stuck in the car for another hour! When we finally got there, I saw a big emergency room with a ton of  sick people in it. It was very frightening to see them. Grandpa held my hand and took  me to a department where people looked different because of all the surgeries they had.

I asked my grandpa, “You really work here with all these people?” He nodded yes. I also asked, “Why do they look so strange?” All he did was shrug for a second.

Grandpa suddenly said, ”These people can’t help it that they look ugly.” He also said, “Never  judge a book by its cover. You know what, you are going to work in this room for the rest of the summer.”

Rolling my eyes, I said sarcastically, “ Sure, thanks Grandpa. Not.”On the ride back home I was thinking about how much worse my summer just became. It was like Grandpa  wanted me to have summer like slaves did. It was like I wasn’t supposed to enjoy summer.


Today was the my first day of working at the hospital. It seemed like it would be worst day of my life.  I was trying to hide under a chair, but Grandpa found me anyway. I was staying in the corner as far away as I could from the people who were deformed. It was like being  surrounded by a million zombies.

Then suddenly, a kid with a deformed face came up to me and said, “Do you want to hang out together?” I’m not sure why  I did  it, but I said, “Yes.”

We stepped into the courtyard, and he suggested playing tag and said, “ Catch me if you can!”

The funny looking kid ran behind an oak tree, and I ran my fastest to catch up  to him, but I tripped over a root. I fell, and my knee started bleeding. When I saw the bloody mess, I shouted,”I’m dying!”

Then suddenly the kid helped me up, and said, “ Have you heard of the man who fell of the cliff during a tornado last year? He broke his ribs and got  amnesia. He just forgot he fell of the cliff!”

“Really?” I asked.

“No, not really,”  he said, “but didn’t I make you forget about your knee?”

On the way back  home, I thought about how fun the day was. It didn’t turn out as bad as I expected it to be.  This so far was the best day of the summer. I wanted to go to the hospital all the time. It was fun to work there, and it was nice to play with that kid. That was when I suddenly started regretting how I treated Auggie. I treated him like a slave. I was like a bully to him. I felt very bad for Auggie. He was really a nice guy. I asked Grandpa, “Can I make a phone call tonight?” He nodded yes. That night I called Auggie and apologized  about everything I did to Jack and him. I felt relieved.

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  1. Sri

    I like how you wrote it from all of Julian’s point of view.🐰🐮🐭🐹🐱🐴🐔🐤🐥🐣🐦🐧🐷🐽🐨🐻🙉🙊🐵🐶


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