My Trip to Dr. Dentre: Julian’s Short-Lived Transformation

By Ryan Z., 7th Grade

August 2016

As I was waiting in Dr Dentre’s office, I looked at all these other patients. There was an agent-like guy with shades and a briefcase. Suddenly, he turned to me and said, “Hey kid, pass the magazine.” He pointed toward the magazine on the table. The moment he opened his mouth, I saw many colors like yellow, red, and brown. The dude’s teeth looked like he threw up on them.

“O-O-Ok…,” I said as I handed him the magazine.

Just at that moment a kid with a huge, protruding, triangular-shaped tooth walked up to me and said, “Hi, what are you here for?”

“Someone punched me,” I said slowly.

“Lucky… I was born with a big tooth that’s…” he said just as the doctor came in and said, “James Boberson?”

James said, ”Coming! See you later!” He walked up to the office.

As he disappeared from sight, I thought about the punch. It is Jack’s fault, no wait all AUGGIE’s fault that I am sitting here because without that stupid orc, my life would go perfectly. In fact, if that orc wasn’t here, Jack wouldn’t have committed such treason.


The noise almost knocked me straight off my chair, but I managed to stay on. I couldn’t resist. I peeked inside the source of the noise and saw an assistant prying open James’s mouth and a doctor wielding a drill that was creeping closer to the victim.  As I stared at this poor boy who I literally talked to moments ago, I thought of Auggie, who must have had a MILLION surgeries like this, or worse. And suddenly I started feeling sorry for this boy and especially Auggie. I was about to call Auggie and Jack on the phone and apologize, but then the nurse interrupted me.


I went to the office. The surgery was horrible. At the end, my mom picked me up. In the car, my mom muttered, ”I know my perfect boy should have stayed away from that kid with that face.”

I suddenly asked, “ Do you think I’m being mean?”

“What do you mean, ‘mean’? You’re not mean, their the one who punched you!” yelled mom. “Just stay away from that freak,” she finished.

I sat for a moment, thinking. Then, I looked back at my brothers and sisters who were all perfect and tidy, and me, who was also perfect and tidy. Wait a second, what am I thinking! He was born ugly, so it makes perfect sense that he should be treated like an ugly person, or an orc, or a monster or a… The car stopped, and my mom opened the door. “We’re home!” mom said. We got out of the car and into the house. I started thinking about revenge.

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