Parents Should Let Children Play Football

By Bobby E., 8th Grade

June 2015

Parents, look at the advantages of football, its benefits strong. Some advantages are football improves memory, keeps kids in shape, and teaches kids teamwork. First of all, football improves people’s memory in so many ways. According to Perceptual and Motor Skills, people “performed 20 percent better on memory tests after running on a treadmill than they did before exercising.” Definitely, people who play football will improve their memory. In fact, sports help kids remember what they learned in class when they do their homework or at school the next day. Not only does football help memory, it also keeps students in shape. As stated in Healthy Active Living, people burn 1,000 to 1,500 calories in 90 minutes while playing football. These numbers prove that football is a very active and healthy sport for students. During the school day, kids sit at a desk with paper and pencil doing work but being sedentary. After a day of being inactive, people can go play football and burn the calories off. In addition to these benefits, football also helps kids work with others. Valuable, football requires teamwork because the players have to work together to beat the other team. They work together by making plays happen while depending on others to do their part. For example, the quarterback has to throw the ball to the wide receiver, the wide receiver has to catch the ball, and the offensive line has to keep the defensive line from tackling the quarterback. All of these actions take teamwork to accomplish the goal. Because football improves memory, keeps kids active, and teaches teamwork, football should stay as a sport.

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