Experienced English Tutor Testimonials

As an English tutor, I want my students to grow as thinkers, readers, and writers.  I also want them to discover the joy of reading a good book and the satisfaction of writing an articulate essay.  These goals are at the background of every tutoring session. 

“I moved from Russia to America in the middle of eighth grade. Even though I was able to read and speak in English, my writing skills were quite poor. With the help of Ms. Lena Rabinovich, I learned how to formulate grammatical sentences, create persuasive essays, and enjoy the art of writing. Taking classes from Ms. Rabinovich was extremely helpful.  My learning how to write a well written essay is very much thanks to her thorough classes.  Thank you.”  ~ Rachel, a student

“Lena Rabinovich worked with my son and daughter during the course of this summer, and we are so happy about their progress even during this short time.  In the beginning of the summer my son was really turned off to interpreting literature.  Lena assigned some stories that he enjoyed, and they discussed their meaning.  She also helped him understand his summer reading, A Separate Peace, and I see that he is really into this book now.  Similarly, Lena was able to interest my daughter in reading and creative writing.  She was so excited about The Giver and about the narrative she wrote from the point of view of Jonas’s sister.  Both of my kids feel prepared for the coming academic year.  We couldn’t have asked for a better tutor.” ~ Jenny, a parent

“My son, who is in the eighth grade, has learning disabilities.  He was really struggling at school, particularly in literacy class.  While working with Lena, his negative attitude changed.  His reading fluency improved, and he is better able to complete his writing assignments.  Thanks to Lena, he feels much better about literacy and about school now.”  ~ Ann, a parent

“Lena is doing a fabulous job with our children.  They have dyslexia and have experienced a great deal of frustration with writing.  Lena was able to identify their specific needs right away and is tirelessly working to resolve them.  Our son and daughter are also enjoying the books and stories she has them read.  We are so fortunate to have a wonderful teacher like Lena in our neighborhood.  While originally, we were only going to get tutoring in the summer, we are having her work with our kids during the academic year as well.” ~ John, a parent

“My daughter started studying with Lena over a year ago.  She goes to an excellent school, and I wanted her to improve her TCAP scores and transfer into the honors class at her school.  During her time with Lena, not only did my daughter’s test scores improve and she was able to attend the honors class, she also really enjoyed the books Lena assigned and wrote a number of creative and imaginative pieces.  So even though she is in the honors class, she continues to attend the lessons because she feels that they are fun and useful.  She looks forward to them every week.  We are so grateful to Ms. Rabinovich for everything she did for my daughter and can recommend her as an excellent teacher.” ~Hong, a parent