English Writing Tutoring near Cambridge (Arlington, Somerville, Belmont & Lexington)

English writing tutoring near south Aurora (Aurora, Parker & Englewood)Does your son or daughter fear that blank page or Word document?  Does she take the time to plan her writing?  How about revising and polishing her essays?  What strategies does she use to fix a sentence that just sounds wrong?  Are you her editor?

Getting Past the Fear of the Blank Page

I have met a number of students who were afraid of writing.  When presented with an assignment, many didn’t know what to say or how to say it.  Some had many negative experiences with writing and had given up.

How Can Experienced English Tutor Help?

In working with my students, I first identify their strengths and weaknesses. I then structure my lessons to fit their needs best.  As a homeschool writing tutor, as well as a tutor for students in the schools, I have taken my students from the composition of an articulate sentence, to a paragraph, and eventually to an essay.  I begin by teaching my students that we can’t start writing until we have something to say.  So, prior to writing, we create an outline, a thinking map, or a flow chart with our ideas. I then teach or review the formula of a typical paragraph or essay.  It’s the same no matter the topic or the class.  Once they master it, they know how to answer pretty much any prompt.  I guide my students in revising their work while focusing on development of ideas, clarity of sentences, and accurate grammar.  My students learn to see their writing through the eyes of a demanding editor.  They also gain the patience and confidence to polish their work.

Online Writing Help

In addition to one-on-one lessons, I offer online writing help.  Here’s how it works:  a student writes an essay assigned at school and shares it with me on Google Docs.  I comment on the essay’s content and structure.  The student takes time to revise the paper and sends it back to me.  I look at the essay again, this time focusing on sentence clarity. The student then has a chance to review my comments and revise the paper once more.  Online collaboration is very effective in helping students become independent writers and editors.

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