Eight Dances

By Corinne N., 8th Grade

August 2016

All of the pain and hours I worked to get into eight dances came crashing down on me when eight wasn’t the number next to my name.

Rewind three weeks back to the moment I first started training for the auditions. Throughout this time I worked with my teachers to get into my goal of eight dances. I spent my last few days with Lillian for ballet. Throughout the entire combo I was getting yelled at to lift up and fix my arms. Once the class was over Lillian excused everyone else  and asked me to come and talk to her.

“Corinne, you need to focus on your arms; they are looking lazy,” she told me. “You also need to pull up in your core. You’re crunching your hips. Got it?”

“Got it,” I said back.

“ Ok get outta here,” she responded as she headed toward her stuff.

“Thank you and see you Wednesday,” I said with a curtsy and headed out the door.

As I walked toward the green room, I was surrounded with the girls asking “ What did she want?” or “what did she say?” I responded with, “ Just some corrections, no big deal.” I grabbed my bag, said goodbye to the girls, and headed out the door to the car. The rest of that week was normal, but when Friday rolled around, nerves fluttered in my stomach reminding me that auditions were that night.

When it was time for auditions, all the dancers went up stairs to studio 1. Kyra taught us a ballet and jazz-contemporary combo. Then she split us up into groups of three; my group was Brooklynn, Isabella, and me. We continued to practice till Mindy came up stairs to tell our group to go to the audition room. We walked into see Mindy, Macy, Daniele, and Lillian sitting at a table. They first made us do the ballet combo which was easy for me. Other than stumbling out of one of my turns, it felt fine. Next we did the jazz combo. That was a little more challenging. I didn’t feel confident because I fell out of turns and was behind on music. After we finished, they let us go home. The results didn’t come out for another 3 weeks, so I tried to put it out of my mind. This wasn’t as easy as I thought it would be. I was checking the calendar all the time and asking my mom how much longer till the results came out.

Finally the three weeks passed, and it was the day we found we if we made it on the team. On the drive to the studio, I couldn’t hide my excitement.

“Do you think I made it in?” I said. “I wonder if the other girls have already seen what dances they are in?” My mom just smiled and nodded in response to my many questions. Once we arrived at the studio, I jumped out of the car and ran to the windows. I had to push through a few girls to see what dances I got into. I searched through the names till I found mine. I looked next to it hoping to see 8, but I only made it in 6. It was a weird feeling I felt. I was mad, but I was also sad. The next week was brutal because everyone was talking about all the dances they got into. I was thinking what did they do that I didn’t. Then, I thought that’s good, I need to think more like that. What can I do to make me better? That’s when I asked my mom to sign me up for more classes.

Throughout the next year I took four ballet classes instead three. I also did more work at home, like going on runs and stretching. Finally it was time for auditions. The same as the previous year Kyra taught us a ballet and jazz combo. This year I was put into a group with Rosie and Grace. We went down stairs and walked into studio 2. First we did the ballet combo, which was really easy for me. The we did the jazz combo. This I felt good in besides falling in a turn and missing a leap. They let us go after that. Again the three weeks were killer. But when the day finally arrived, I couldn’t be happier. I chit chatted the entire way to the studio. When we arrived, I basically fell out the car and ran to the windows. I saw my name and looked next to it  wishing for 8 dances, but I saw 12. 12 dances! In that moment I wanted to dance.

Now I know that when I get pushed down, I can’t accept it. I have to get back up and keep working. In school I wanted to get an A in math, so I could make a 4.0.  When grades came out and I only had a B, I was upset , but I had to think about what I could do better. So I used my own advice and worked harder in class and did more extra credit. Then the next semester I got an A.

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