What Courage Really Means

By Sanvitha V., 5th Grade

November 2016

Courage means you take a risk or challenge and try to to succeed even though you might have fear. It also means you might have to make a sacrifice to help others.  Courage is different from foolishness because when you are courageous you help others, but foolish actions don’t help anyone. I know that Malala Yousafzai, Lex Jorge, and Rose are courageous.

Malala, the author of I am Malala, is courageous when she stands up for girls’ education despite threats from the Taliban.  Malala stands up for girls by continuing going to school even though the Taliban are trying to stop her. The Taliban is a threat because they publicly whip and kill people. On Google, Malala found that the Taliban wanted to kill her, but she kept going to school. Then one day, Malala and her friends were going back home from school on a bus, and she got shot by the Taliban who seriously injured her. After she healed, she kept going to school, but in Birmingham, England. When Malala was in the United States of America, she gave a speech, and said, “ I raise my voice not so that I can shout, but so that those without a voice can be heard…The terrorists thought that they change our aims and stop our ambitions, but nothing changed in my life except this: Weakness,fear, and hopelessness died. Strength, power, and courage was born” (Yousafzai 191-192). Malala is courageous because she continued fighting for education after the Taliban threatened her, so that others could follow her.  Another risk that Malala took was that she went to school in England and continued to speak for girls’ rights after she got shot three times at once, so nobody would stop being educated.

Lex Jorge, my friend’s dad, is also courageous because he works as a police officer, which  means that he takes a risk every day in order to keep his community safe. He became an officer in order to have a positive influence on his community in Aurora. He became a police officer on April 24, 2006, from the Denver Police Academy.  Lex Jorge says, “Real courage comes at times where you know that your actions are the only thing standing between life and death for someone else.”  Every time Lex Jorge risks his life, he knows that it is right since it’s his job. One of his favorite parts is facing problems every day. He also enjoys being part of the “brother-and-sisterhood” as a police officer.  This means that he likes helping others while being in a team with other officers.

Rose, the protagonist of  Rain Reign by Ann M. Martin, is courageous because she gives her dog away in order to help another family.  First, her father lets Rain out without looking to see if she runs away, but unfortunately Rain is lost.  When Rose discovers that news, she searches everywhere since she loves Rain a whole bunch. She asks her teacher to help make lost dog posters, and of course she says yes. Rose also searches for Rain by calling pet shelters. One day, Rose finds out that Rain belongs to another family. She finds that out by going to a pet shelter and learns Rain had a chip in her body that says she belongs to the Hendersons, and her name is Olivia. Rose has a choice of keeping Rain or giving Rain to the Hendersons. Rose chooses to give Rain to them even though it was hard since she is Rose’s best friend, but Rose knows that it was the right thing to do. Rose decides to give her away because she knows how the Hendersons feel, and she compares her feelings with theirs.  Lastly, Rose is courageous because she takes a risk by giving Rain away; she might feel lonely without her best friend. She overcomes her fear by looking through the Henderson’s eyes, and she thinks about others first instead of herself.

Malala Yousafzai helps the world by being courageous. Lex Jorge is brave, and helps communities. Rose has courage because she helps a family and herself.  You should be courageous in almost every situation like when someone bullies you. When someone bullies you, you could stand up for yourself and others. If you don’t, you would be controlled by them since you give your power to them. Would you be courageous or lend your power to the bully(s)? If we lived in a world without courage, it would be terrible.  First, if you found out that your dog belongs to another family, would you give it away?  Second, we wouldn’t be safe without police officers. Last but not least, we wouldn’t have the freedom to be educated.

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