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Lena Rabinovich

Phone: 303-956-5081
Location: Cambridge, Massachusetts 02140

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Meet the Parents: Getting to Know You & Your Child’s English Tutoring Needs

Prior to beginning lessons we will meet.  I will tell you a little bit about myself and the methodologies I use, and you will communicate your student’s needs.  I will also speak to your student directly to see what he enjoys about English class, what he struggles with, and how he thinks I can help him.  We may read and discuss a short passage of a story together, and I may quiz the student on some grammar rules.  These exercises will help me get a sense of where to start, so that I meet your student’s unique needs from the very beginning.

At the end of the initial meeting, we will set up a regular schedule.
You may review my tutoring policy here.

Locations for English Tutoring

  • Library or coffee shop, close to my home in Porter Square
  • Remotely via Google Hangouts
  • Your home; I am willing to travel about 10 miles but do charge more for this service

Times for English Tutoring

  • Weekdays, including evenings
  • I don’t generally work on weekends, but we can discuss this possibility

Frequency of English Tutoring

Some students meet with me once a week for an hour, others meet twice a week for an hour, and more frequent lessons are available.  The frequency depends on your goals and needs.

Homework Help during English Tutoring

While I generally help students acquire skills, I am also happy to help complete homework assignments and prepare for tests.

A Thoughtful and Kind Approach

Because they feel like they can’t be successful, some kids have a negative attitude about school; they just feel defeated.  I’ve met many students who told me that they hate reading and writing.  During our tutoring sessions, my students start to laugh when they imagine the funny scenes from stories and feel sympathy during the sad parts.  They also become engaged writers once they see that the seemingly daunting task of composing a narrative or essay can be broken down into manageable pieces.