Baked Bananas: Modern-Day Lord of the Flies

By Rui W., 7th Grade

October 2015

Jack leapt on to the sand.

“Do our dance! Come on! Dance!”

He ran and stumbled on a few bananas dropped from the banana trees. Between the flashes of lightning, the air was filled with the excited shouts of a group of boys.  The boys surrounded Jack, and Ralph said, “Well, at least they say that bananas are very moisturizing;  your face would be soft and smooth.”  Embarrassed, Jack got up, and Roger squeaked noisily, trying to become the pig.  

“What is this?!” the littluns yelled. “Has Roger gone mad?  I need my mommy!”

Piggy and Ralph, not wanting to sit with a bunch of squashed bananas, decided that they should join the party.  They were glad to pelt Jack and Roger with bananas because they were bored and had nothing else to do.

“Grab the banana!  Peel it open!  Chuck it at ‘em!”

The littluns soon started chanting the phrase, while the bigguns started throwing bananas at the fight in the center.  

“Ole! Toro Toro!” Jack shouted, using the banana peels as a flag to tempt Roger, who was acting like a bull.

Suddenly, a little boy blundered from the jungle, and all the other kids at the party screamed.

“Oh no! It’s the lord of the bananas!” a few yelled.

“No! It’s the boogie man!” someone else shouted.

“Guys! Stop!” Simon objected. “I was just meditating out in the jungle in a patch of flowers!  As I was meditating, it came to me.  The perfect cure for boredom on an island is a giant banana pie!”

“Pick the bananas!  Peel them open!  Make a pie!”

“Wait, what about my asthma? And also, my auntie says in order to make a pie, you need milk and flour and more scientific tools and things.”

“Shut your pie hole!” Jack hollered.

Suddenly the clouds cleared, and in the most unexpected fashion the sun came out.  

“Well, that was weird,” Ralph said.  “Anyway, we’re off to pick bananas!”

As the boys gathered fruits for their pie, Roger went to a tree, whacked it with a stick, a deluge of coconuts fell on his head, and one split open.

“Well Roger,” Jack commented, “you don’t need any more of your gram’s fancy shampoo.”

The boys made the pie, and tried to bake it, but ended up setting the island and their bums on fire, which attracted the attention of the local coast guard, and that is how the boys came back to civilization, one smelling like coconuts, another with a moisturized face, and all the rest with some budding cooking skills.

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