Bad Day

By Aiden L., 3rd Grade

October 2017

The thunder was getting closer and closer. It got darker and colder. The trees were shaking from the wind.

Fury the troll was walking to the dog. Fury the troll loved her hair best. She had a baby on her head. Clay is white and  he is made out of clay. That is what his name is Clay. Fury was worried because her hair was getting wet and she loved her hair best.

“Dog! I need your help,“ Fury said. The dog barked at fury.“I can’t understand you.” The dog barked at her again. The troll and the dog went to the restaurant. The owner of the restaurant is mama. Mama has an apron and she has a white head. Mama gave troll and dog menus.

Mama takes Baby troll and puts her in the pot. The baby got cooked  in the soup. Then mom takes Clay and put Clay in the pot. Clay started to scratch and bark to Mama. “Just put Clay in the pot,” said Mama. Then she put salt on Clay’s head.

Honey the bear is yellow and he likes walking. He hates games. Honey the bear just got a menu and then Mama sneaks and grabs Honey. And cooked him in the pot.

Honey said, “no I don’t want to be cooked.”

Mama said, “Bye-bye farty bear.”

Mama threw Honey in the pot and cooked him. Fury  the troll went up the stairs and saw Mama cooking her friends and Fury got really really really mad and kicked her off the stairs. Fury called 911 and Mama went to jail. Fury used her hair and got her friends back to life. They lived happily ever after. The end.