A Letter from Ms. Hiatt

By Eric Z., 4th Grade

August 2017

Dear Ms. Faceandbase,

A few days ago these kids in fifth grade started a contest of not talking between boys and girls. I thought it was very inconsiderate and foolish at first, but then I realized that it wasn’t bad.

To make it easier for you to understand me, I will explain about the rules.

The first rule is that the students can’t talk unless a teacher asks them a question.

The second rule is that the students are allowed to say a total of three words only to   the teachers. The third rule is if the students were to say more than three words then they would cost their team points.

One day I was mad at students because despite my telling them to start talking they were disrupting the environment in this house of learning. They were silent. I stood in the middle of the lunchroom and yelled at students in a bullhorn, and I specifically yelled at Dave Packer. Then Dave Packer yelled back at me, so I wanted to strangle the kid.

But as I sat in my office, I realized it was my fault for yelling first. I knew I was acting like a childish, foolish trash can. At this moment Dave came into my office and explained how using a few words is good because you can think about what you say.

I think you should try this, but don’t do all girls against boys. Do all grades against other grades like fifth against fourth. That’s the type of contest you should do. Boys and girls should work together not against each other.


Ms. Hiatt