Traitor Killed, City at Peace

By | January 18, 2016

By Rui W., 7th grade

January 2016

In an evil gesture of rebellion, traitor fireman Guy Montag, decided to kill one of our most honored firemen chiefs, Captain Beatty.  Reading illegal books has rotted Montag’s mind, making him act crazy, which resulted in the death of Beatty and the serious wounding of two other heroic firemen.  Our city’s beautifully crafted mechanical hound was also destroyed by Montag, when he burned it with the same flamethrower that he used on the other firemen, which served as a brutal distraction in which the traitor made his escape.

As the chase progressed, the city asked all the residents to participate in a remarkable movement to open all of their doors to look for the culprit at hand. At the count of one, everyone rose in unison.  At the count of two, everyone left their bedrooms.  At the count of five, everyone’s hand was on the doorknob. At ten, all the doors opened in unison!  

These are the people that are the smartest and cleverest in the city! Doing what they are told, instead of acting like Montag.

At last when the mechanical hound seemed to have almost reached Montag, our wiring  experts realised that Montag had jammed the mechanical hound’s signal, and the chase resumed, with the mechanical hound running towards the other side of the city. As we neared the scene, we could hear the hound’s barking! As we got even closer, dozens of pillars of lights shot down on a man who we recognised as the villain! Then, in one swift, beautiful, graceful bound, the mechanical hound came down on Montag, killing him instantly.

We now go to Montag’s former wife, Mildred.

“So, Mildred, how does it feel to be the hero that alerted the city of Montag’s criminal activity?”

“I’m completely fine. My family’s gone. How terrible.”

“But Miss Mildred! Don’t you feel like a hero?”

“Yes, but I had to sacrifice my dignity and my family.”

“Mildred, do you have any regret for Montag?”

“No.  He cheated on me by bringing home all those books.  Ruined my reputation. Even burned my family down!”

“Is there anything else you would like to add?”
“Yes.  Tell Montag or his grave, if he even deserves one, that I will never forgive him.  Also, I need to get going.  My new family is on at a quarter past one.”

And there you have it folks! Guy Montag has been caught and punished, and the city is safe again!

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