A Smoking Crater under the Midnight Moon

By | November 26, 2015

By Rui W., 7th Grade

November 2015

Deep within a forest, the asphalt of the one-lane road is mostly covered by dense foliage and trees look like crooked fingers reaching out for passerby. The canopy of the woods only shows patches of moonlight, while the rest of the canopy is illuminated, colored an unearthly green.  The undergrowth of these trees gives off a strong smell of decaying dirt and leaves, which is also where two foolish boys dared each other to camp for the night.

Trying to light a fire, the two boys, Mark and Steven, gather branches and pile them in a hole.  Mark strikes a match, and it shines brightly, but the wind snuffs it before he can even move.  They attempt this a few more times, but having run out of matches, they crawl into their prickly, cheap sleeping bags out in the open and try to ignore the howling wind and the sound of the branches clashing against each other. All of a sudden, an ominous boom sounds through the whole clearing, followed closely by a blinding light, rustling all the birds and wildlife from their sleep.

“Dude, we should get out of here!” Mark whines.  

“Not until we find out what the noise was.” Steven replies.

The boys stumble and crawl through the woods into the dense, darker part. The bushes claw at their legs and their faces as they fight their way through, and they sink into the moist, half-decomposed leaves.  As the boys near the source of the noise, they can see vapors coming from the middle of a swamp.  

“Steven, please.  There shouldn’t be vapors coming from a swamp.  We should go back to our cabins.”

“Well, Mark, you can always head home yourself, but I’m going to investigate.”

“Ug,” Mark shudders, “I do not want you to stay in the forest by yourself.”  Afraid, Mark is dreading the long walk back in the woods alone at night, where there is no one to help him and nobody to protect him.  As the duo wades through the swamp, Mark is thinking of piranhas, tiny little fish that can possibly tear his body to shreds.  As they trudge closer to the site, they can smell the acrid stench of burnt leaves and a strange metallic tang of rusted iron.  Mark, now sensing something is definitely wrong, nervously glances around.  He gapes at metal shards flung everywhere, the rotting corpses of the wildlife, ranging from deer to chipmunks, and burning vines hanging from trees, like the string on a bomb ready to explode.  As they climb up a hill, the duo can’t help noticing the unbearable heat and smoke in front of them, but Steven continues on, with Mark still trying to persuade him to turn back.  Hiking past the curtain of smoke, they emerge on the lip of the crater and find a ufo the size of two houses, the outside black and charred.  As they cautiously approach the site, Steven notices that a green light is flashing on one of the panels of the UFO.

“That’s odd,” Steven thinks. “Why isn’t that light out from the shock of the crash?”

He slowly touches it, and a entrance on the bottom hisses open, making Mark jump out of his skin.  The pathway leads into a hallway of blackness and an occasional spark from one of the lights overhead.

“We should really tell the authorities,” Mark whimpers.

“NO.  We are not leaving until we discover an alien body,” Steven replies, thinking of being the first man to meet an alien.

The boys clamber into the flying saucer, and use their phones as flashlights.  Silence fills the dark hallways, only vanishing when the boys’ footsteps echo.

They go into several rooms, like a kitchen with strange, knife-like apparatuses, sleeping quarters with all the bunks upturned, and a storage-like area, where purple gunk is oozing out of a containment vessel.  Their search is fruitless until they step into a room that resembles a lab.  There, a horrid sight presents itself to them:  Mangled corpses of octopus like creatures, blood smearing on the sides of the counters and machines, their eyes all lock toward one direction.  Mark gags. Steven traces their eyes until he sees what  they are looking at:  A broken test chamber with the words -೬ҳρε୮ɛดεη† ㄋてб- and blood smeared all over the glass.

THUD, THUD, THUD.  A sound resonates above the boys’ heads.  

“STEVEN!”  Mark shouts, “We have to get out!  Are you in- AAAHHHH”

A vent had opens above Mark and a black tentacle shoots out, grabbing him by the waist, and dragging him up into the pipes.  

“Who’s there? Show yourself!” Steven yells.

“⊙几, ♭ц†  ʅ†  ʅ☡ †ѻѻ ㄥд†દ.” A voice hisses.  Suddenly, Steven’s phone turns off.

Later, when police arrive at the scene, they only find a few mangled corpses, and two very shiny, polished skulls.